Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Famous Friend

It has been a thrilling week for us. Not only did we celebrate five years of Bingley's inimitable company, but on Tuesday evening, we had the thrill of seeing one of the Great Dog People of All Time, who just happens to be Bingley's and Magic's Dear Friend, step into the shoes of The Most Difficult Job In The World. Forget Secretary General of the United Nations. Forget POTUS. Once a year, Best In Show Judge at Westminster is REALLY pressure! And Mike Dougherty made the tough call, like we knew he would. A number of our friends have told us that they "saw our friend" on television. We just bask in the reflected glory. You'll understand, though. I'm not encouraging any acquaintance between Bingley and Banana Joe. Bouncy little creatures interest him way too much.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy, Happy Day!

Five years ago today, John and I took Portia back to the kennel at Greyhound Adoption Center to select a playmate for her. We came home with Bingley. We were not to know that in less than eighteen months, Portia would die from a massive wound sustained in an attack by an unsocialized, off-leash dog. Bingley was also injured in the same attack. But he survived, and, now, he he setting new longevity records for our rescued dogs. Happy Gotcha Day, Bingley! A sweeter tempered dog never drew breath. Our only wish today is that we could have you with us for another five years.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yesterday, this adorable little dog was safely transported across the international border and is living in a caring foster home, beginning a socialization process that will prepare her for her permanent situation. Many thanks to all the caring people who responded to her situation and offered help. Sometimes, there are happy endings. Update: Actually, I misunderstood. It is entirely possible that this little dog will be staying permanently in her present home. Her new mom clearly understands the needs of a shy, unsocialized little doggie.