Thursday, June 13, 2013


Friends of Portia is going on vacation. Hope to be back blogging the second week of July. Perhaps I will have seen my very first Canaan Dog. I'll be looking for one.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bingley Report

Many, many thanks to all who prayed for Bingley or sent good thoughts his way. He is now completely recovered from his gastroenteritis attack. Although frightening, it did not reach the extreme level that it sometimes did in the past. He continued to drink water while he was ill and that made all the difference. We are happy to say that we have our Bingley back.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bingley's Troubles Return

More than once in this blog, I have discussed Bingley's delicate intestines. Before rescue, he was one of five racing Greyhounds purchased by a compulsive gambler, certain that if he had his own string of dogs, he could make his fortune. The inevitable happened. The gambler ran out of money. He ran out of dog food. Maybe he didn't even bother to give the poor dogs water. When the rescuer from Greyhound Adoption Center opened the dog hauler containing the five dogs, there were three survivors. Bingley was one of them. Shortly after we adopted him, he began to have frightening episodes of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. If you have never witnessed a full blown attack of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, take a moment to thank your lucky stars. Bingley's episodes recurred over two months, and we were in great fear of losing him. Ultimately, Dr. Candy Lewis, THE sight hound specialist of San Diego, put him on a prescription diet and "as much liquid Pepto Bismol as he needs". No treats. No exceptions. Since that time, Bingley has been healthy most of the time, but he has good and bad days and, occasionally, he will have an episode. It's been a long time since his last one, but late Thursday night, after waking me to go out, he stomach began the ominous growling and gurgling associated with his intestinal distress. Yesterday was not a good day. But he brightened up a little yesterday evening and has eaten a little today. He hasn't stopped drinking water, which is good. So far, this episode is mild and he seems to be slowly improving. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, say a prayer for our boy, if you are inclined to do so.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ralphie: In Memoriam

It is with a breaking heart that I typed the title of this post. Ralphie, a wonderful Wired Hair Fox Terrier crossed the Rainbow Bridge early Sunday morning, June 2, 2013, leaving a bereft family and grieving friends. Ralphie was the epitome of the best of his breed: independent of spirit but affectionate, loyal but not cloying, full of the pure joy of life that was infectious when he was in a room. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his immediate family, Linda, Ryan, Jen, Jason and Brecken. Each of Ralphie's multitude of friends and admirers will have his or her personal memories of him. I had long dreamed of having a Wired Hair Fox Terrier of my own, but my canine choices had taken me in other directions. So I was thrilled to meet Ralphie and get to know him. He didn't disappoint. He embodied the panache that is unique to his breed. Farewell, dear Ralphie. We love to think of you, restored to perfect health, romping and getting into no end of mischief on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.