Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

John, Bingley, and Magic join me in wishing you and yours a Very Happy Easter!

Notes of caution--I just can't resist, even on this happy day:

1. Remember that chocolate is toxic for dogs. If you have little ones--or neglectful older ones--keep a sharp eye out for the whereabouts of chocolate eggs and other candy. Prevention is ALWAYS better than a trip to the emergency vet's.

2. I hope you didn't weaken and purchase a live bunny for Easter. But if you did, resolve to become a responsible rabbit guardian. In my opinion, the care and maintenance of rabbits is far more demanding than that of dogs. But there are parallels: spaying and neutering being among the very most important. Like all rescues, rabbit rescues are more than filled to the max. If you didn't succumb to the temptation, good for you! A stuffed bunny is just the ticket. If you gave one to the child in your life, I hope you also gave one to each of the dogs in your life. If not, you might discover that the dogs are "sharing " the child's.

3. If you acquired live chickens or ducklings, you also need to resolve to be a responsible owner. Some chickens grow to be cocks. Cocks will inevitably crow each morning to greet the dawn. There is at least one in my neighborhood that I hear on my early morning walks.

I find ducks to be charming creatures. The first book I remember loving was Make Way For Ducklings. I believe that ducks can earn their keep eating garden snails. But I also understand that cleaning up after a duck is more disgusting than chicken, rabbit, or dog clean up.

Of course, if you have a dog like Bingley, you know better than to even consider a rabbit, chicken, or duck.

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  1. Thank you for including the bunnies in this blog! They do actually learn to interact with dogs & cats but it takes a lot of patience & vigilance. We found our bunny in the driveway several years ago, a few weeks after Easter, abandoned...