Thursday, May 20, 2010

Six Months With Magic

Six months ago today, Magic came to live with us. She was reserved, easily startled, and obviously missing her foster home. She was particularly reluctant to have anything to do with men. I've always thought that the six month mark is the most important milestone in a rescued dog's adjustment to a new home. Magic gave her own confirmation of that belief yesterday evening. For the first time, she permitted John to put on her harness and leash while he was standing--always before, she insisted that he sit before she would permit him to do that. She is learning a new level of trust, and I want to thank John for his loving patience and understanding which has helped Magic unlearn some of the cruel lessons inflicted upon her by her initial human contact.

For people accustomed to small dogs, it will seem strange, but, I think of Magic as "little" and "delicate". At 75 pounds, she is the smallest sight hound we have had in our home. She can curl up into a tiny ball, and her gait is a delicate trot.

This morning, Bingley got to the love seat in my study first and she had to settle for the cushion on the floor. But Bingley is easily distracted. When he went to investigate something, Magic took the preferred place on the love seat. She is resting now, her head on the bolster cushion, looking as if she never knew what it was like to be confined in an outdoor cage without shelter from severe heat or cold.

If you've ever taken a rescued dog into your home, you understand the joy that sight brings to me this morning.

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