Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth--To You And Your Canine Companion(s)

The Fourth of July is one of the happiest days of the year: Parades, patriotic songs, picnics, baseball---and fireworks.

Every year thousands of dogs get lost or killed because their humans forget just how terrifying loud noises can be. A terrified dog can go on a rampage of destruction if left in a house alone. A terrified dog left in a backyard will do everything in its power to escape. Rescues and shelters will have numerous new "guests", come July 5.

One of the first dog-on-dog attacks reported on this blog occurred on July 5, 2009. A Pit Bull chained in its backyard the evening of July 4, broke its chain, escaped its yard, and was still loose the next day to savage a Greyhound being walked on a leash.

Some frightened dogs dash into traffic, resulting in massive injury or even death to the dog--not to mention the trauma to the driver who was unable to stop in time.

So. Unless you know for a fact that your dog is not at all troubled by loud noises, plan ahead. Get home well before dark, when the fireworks shows begin. If your dog's symptoms are severe, discuss a mild tranquilizer with your vet.

We have had dogs with various degrees of reaction to fireworks. On one hand, Champers seemed not to be bothered. Zephyr, on the other hand, panted and paced from the first "bang" until well after the last.

Bingley's reactions vary. And this will be our first Fourth with Magic. We will definitely be home in time to do any paw holding that Bingley and Magic might need.

Have a Happy Fourth! And don't forget your pets.

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