Monday, February 21, 2011


No, I wasn't going to ignore the momentous choice of Best In Show at Westminster. But personal anniversaries take precedence over national events. I wanted to keep Bingley's magnificent portrait up for a while.

However, we were Very Excited about the Best In Show winner at Westminster. We always pull for a Sight Hound to win the Hound Group, so that alone was a thrill. But Best In Show! That is beyond wonderful!

Perhaps the scones and shortbread that were served for refreshments at Book Study last Tuesday night were a sign. We like to think so.

On a more serious note. We hope and pray that Scottish Deerhound Breeders are able to keep close tabs on every single intact puppy that they breed and sell. They have a good reputation in this department. But our own Miss Magic is living testimony to at least one intact Deerhound that was sold to the Wrong Person. And while I wouldn't have missed knowing Magic and having the honor of her presence in my home, a heavy price in canine misery was paid because one Scottish Deerhound was sold to an unscrupulous breeder. Magic suffered for four long years in an outdoor cage in the High Desert of California. No protection from extreme heat. No protection from extreme cold. Little socialization. Producing puppies whose lives would be no better than the one she was living.

Magic, three of her puppies, and the puppies' father were all rescued and are presently living in loving homes. But few rescues have facilities for unsocialized, mixed Sight Hounds.

All paws are crossed here in our home that Hickory's historic win will only serve to open more homes to wonderful Sight Hounds--Not produce more Sight Hounds than can find loving homes.


  1. Here, here. Whenever a breed hits the spotlight, the danger of over exposure is possible, as is the accompanying sadness of wonderful dogs being misused, mistreated, unappreciated for what they are, and saddest of all, oftentimes abandoned or destroyed.

    Mike Dougherty

  2. I second that! You and Magic were on my mind when the Deerhound went BIS at Westminister. BIS winners have a definite impact on their breed's popularity. Let's hope the impact on Deerhounds is a positive one.