Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Summer Of Our Discontent

The absence of the promised post might have given a hint to my select readers that life has been busy in Portia's Mom's household.

Portia's Dad had his second knee replacement early last week. Once more, Magic and Bingley spent quality time at Windsong and were happy, well cared for dogs when I picked them up Monday morning. Thank you Mike, Michelle and Jessica!

Yesterday, John came home from the skilled nursing facility where he stayed for a few days after his discharge from the hospital.

So our little family is once again re-united, plus a machine or two to exercise and ice John's new knee.

But I would have had to have been much more preoccupied than I was these past ten days not to have noticed the screaming headlines both here in the United States and abroad. Most particularly in England. What is happening in England is heartbreaking for Friends of Portia. Just the names of some of our beloved dogs give a hint that this household has close affiliations with the Sceptered Isle--Champers, Portia, Bingley. Indeed, Portia's Dad is an Englishman and most of his family lives there.

We pray for their safety.

However. Through it all. The surgery, the recovery, the screaming headlines, Bingley and Magic give us an anchor. Stock market on a roller coaster? They must be walked. U.S. credit rating takes a hit? They must be fed. They never lose their trust. They always are loyal. They want to be good doggies.

Would that more humans showed more doggie virtues.

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