Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Year, I Hope I Will Not Have To Write This

Since my tradition observes Advent, I am less pressured than many are to Get Into The Holiday Spirit. Christmas begins on December 25 and lasts until January 6. So for me, there's plenty of time.

But every year there are many dogs, who do not have "plenty of time." By January 6, their brief, confused, sad lives will be drawing to a close in one of numerous public "shelters" which attempt to deal with the helpless victims of America's thoughtless merchandizing and negligent treatment of pets.

These are the dogs that are bred in inhumane conditions in puppy mills, are transported en mass to pet stores--usually chain stores in malls, are sold at grossly inflated prices to the gullible as Christmas presents, are discovered by their recipients to actually have inconvenient needs and behaviors, and are left at an animal control facility to await their predictable fate: "humane euthanasia" which will snuff out their brief, unhappy lives.


When you do, if you do, you are supporting the misery of helpless, innocent dogs. You are lining the pockets of people who are perpetuating the suffering of thousands of innocent dogs. You are encouraging the breeding of unhealthy, genetically vulnerable puppies.

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  1. When a friend said that I was missing the money boat by not selling dogs and cats in our pet store years ago, I decided to do a little snooping and answered an ad in one of the pet industry magazines. The literature arrived. Wow, I could choose from 25 different breeds and each pup was only $50 and came with AKC ‘papers.’ Suggested retail was $500. I’m sure the cost is more today but so is the sell price. It’s not unusual for pet shops to ask $1500 to 3K for a puppy. You’re still getting a $50 dog raised in small cages, not socialized and of dubious parentage.

    I bred and showed German Shepherd Dogs for several years. I stopped. There were not enough good homes for the breed I dearly loved and still do. Many believe that paying big bucks for a dog means owner will be responsible. Not always true! I sold a beautiful winning show pup for $600 in 1969 only to see a bag of bones a few months later. I will never get the picture of her ragged coat and boney body or her joyful screams when she saw me from my memory. My offer of thrice what they paid went on deaf ears. They wanted her bloodlines for a broad bitch.

    That was my wakeup call! So, when I checked on puppy mills, my blood shot out of my eyes. It’s not about the animals with pet shops. It’s about the money. Take heed and do your homework when you decide on a dog or cat. If you must buy a certain breed, please research the breed and for reputable breeders. FIRST, start with shelters and rescues!!!! I guarantee there is a loving set of eyes and wagging tail waiting for you.