Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adopt Your Next Dog!

Last night I met two friends for dinner. All three of us are involved in dog rescue, with special interest in Greyhounds. As I walked through the restaurant parking lot, I noticed a bright red minivan decorated with white paw marks and a sign that read, "Adopt Your Next Dog". I assumed that the van belonged to one of my friends. When I asked, they both laughed. It didn't belong to either of them. We agreed that it was encouraging to know that someone else in the restaurant was also deeply involved in dog rescue.

I understand that the fascinating diversity of dog breeds would disappear if it weren't for dog fanciers who breed and show. However. Show-breeders are vastly outnumbered by puppy mills and backyard breeders. If you absolutely, positively must have a pure-bred puppy, do your research and find the most responsible breeder who is active in the show world. Otherwise, there is no excuse for contributing to the misery of innocent dogs by purchasing a puppy from a pet store or a breeder who has no real knowledge about the breed they are selling.

I am constantly amazed at dogs that turn up at shelters and rescues. A gorgeous Belgian Tervuren was recently placed for adoption by Pet Orphans of Southern California. (Sorry. I am having difficulty providing hot links. However, there is a link to Pet Orphans under "Rescues" on the right side of the screen.) Anyone willing to take a little time can find just about any pure-bred dog that needs a home.

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