Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I've been recovering from cataract surgery, which went well, but I'm having to teach my brain how to use the spiffy, high tech lenses that are the replacements for my old, crusty lenses. Today I resumed my early morning dog walking. I can't say that I leap out of bed, brimming with enthusiasm and energy. But Bingley and Magic do. And I would have to be a totally different person from who I am if I could resist their eager expectation of a morning walk. John has been walking them while my eye healed, so they didn't go without their favorite treat. But this morning, I was back on the job. It's strange, but getting up at 5am and going out to walk all by myself is something that I would not contemplate. But with a dog or two, it's a wonderful way to start the day. And now that the season has turned, it's dark and the stars are still out and if there is a moon, it's still shining. It's all there when I open the front door and I think of Adam and Eve's duet from Hayden's Creation. On a different topic, I realized this morning that I had just missed Bingley's rescue date. It must have been October 9,10, or 11 2007. I'm guessing because he received his first inoculations on October 12. He was rescued just in time, just before he and his two surviving pals would have succumbed to starvation like the two dead dogs in the hauler, and just before the start of wildfires that would have made the rescue impossible. Indeed, he had barely been settled into the Greyhound Adoption Center's kennel when all the dogs had to be evacuated to a safer place because of the fires. So. Belated Happy Rescue Day, Bingley! Thank you to GAC for the tireless work they do, saving displaced Greyhounds and Greyhound mixes. We wouldn't have wanted to miss the joy of having Bingley in our lives.

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