Monday, July 8, 2013

Home Again

Actually, we touched down at LAX around 6:30 am last Wednesday, July 3. Recent events cause me to express my gratitude to our wonderful El Al pilot(s), who brought our 777 in for a soft, smooth landing. I hinted at our destination, when I referred to the Canaan Dog, the only breed native to Israel. I think I might have spied one or two of them from the window of our bus in Tel Aviv. But actually meeting one face to face is still in my future. I am not a natural traveler. John will pack his bags and hop on a plane with no hesitation. I am a stay-at-home. Give me my dogs, my knitting, my chats with friends, and I'm a happy camper. But I had always assumed that I would go to Israel. Its history has been the running news in the background of my life. I can't remember not admiring that brave country whose creation and preservation has seemed like a miracle. If you are considering a trip to Israel, I urge you to go. I won't even try to describe all the experiences it offers. Just go and discover for yourself. While we were away, Bingley and Magic, once more, were cared for by Mike and Michelle Dougherty at the wonderful Windsong Spa for Pets. We are fortunate that we are a 15-20 minute drive from Windsong. But if you are within any reasonable distance and you need the best place to board your pet, Windsong is incomparable. Finally, on a sad, nostalgic note, it was four years ago yesterday, July 7, 2009, that the beautiful Portia's heart stopped beating during a bandage change while she was in intensive care for treatment of a gaping wound suffered in an attack on her, Bingley and John by a loose dog. Time has softened the stabbing pain we felt at her loss. Bingley is still with us and Magic entered our lives November 20, 2009. Portia was irreplaceable, but we would not have wanted to miss our Magic. The very thought of her makes me smile. A lady to her toenails. Quiet, opinionated, and patient, but determined to get her way and have her say. Bingley, remains the sweetest tempered dog I have ever had. A reliable greeter of house guests and anyone he encounters on walks. Everyone's BFF. (Except, of course, for small hopping or scurrying creatures. You can take the dog off the racetrack, but you can't take the chase out of the dog.)

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