Friday, November 20, 2009

Bingley's Excellent Spa Experience

Eventually, every dog owner travels and faces the hard choice of how to guarantee the care and safety of their dog(s). Sometimes a friend can care for the dog. Sometimes a house/pet sitter is the answer. But for a high prey Greyhound with a recurring health problem like Bingley, kenneling is the only safe answer. However, finding just the right kennel is difficult. And to be really honest, having lost three beloved dogs in the past four years--Daphne, Zephyr and Portia--I am possibly a little overly anxious about the health and safety of Bingley. POSSIBLY??? I AM overly anxious.

I had made reservations for Bingley at a perfectly adequate kennel. But, while knitting at my local yarn shop, I was obsessing about my worries and fears for Bingley during our trip to England. A fellow dog lover--a Soft Coated Wheaten person!--recommended Windsong Resort for Pets. What a Godsend! It's all the thing to call boarding kennels "spas". But Windsong truly is a spa. Not only did Bingley have lovely accommodations, his special needs were understood and attended too. AND my anxieties were accepted and dealt with intelligently and compassionately.

These pictures were among a number of pictures of Bingley that Mike Dougherty, the owner and proprietor of Windsong, emailed me while I was in England. How's that for reassurance that one's beloved pet is thriving?

Thank you Mike and Michelle, and all Windsong staff.

Bingley says "hi".

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