Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Magic!

Even in the numbness of our grief after Portia's death, we knew that eventually we would get another dog. Bingley is not a natural "only" dog. His excitement over his walks with Marilyn's pack is poignant.

We began to talk about another dog seriously about two months ago. But our trip to England was a complication--particularly six weeks ago when we met Magic, a Scottish Deerhound/Greyhound mix. Magic was never a racer and had a history of kenneling difficulties. She was being fostered and was very attached to her foster mother and her foster mother's daughter, and was a functioning member of a pack, albeit at the bottom of the status order. So, in Magic's interests, we decided to wait until our return from England to adopt her.

But Friday evening, our long awaited welcoming of Magic to our home finally arrived. We have our very own "Fuzzy" and Bingley, once more has a companion.

Special thanks to Lynnet and her daughter, Katie, for their loving care of Magic during six months of fostering.

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