Friday, December 11, 2009

Brody the Pekingese

Some sad stories have happy endings.

In a previous post, I mentioned an emergency plea for a four year old Pekingese who would be euthanized if no home could be found for him. His owners had chosen euthanasia rather than paying for needed eye surgery. Funds were found for the surgery, but if he had no home to go to, surgery was pointless. Fortunately, my friend and neighbor, Cheri--who already has two small dogs--offered a home for the needy Peke.

Sadly, conditions had worsened to the point that the Peke's eye had to be removed--always a risk with breeds with protruding eyes. He was also neutered during this surgery.

He finally reached Cheri's home this past Saturday. Many thanks to the Molly and Paula who made this rescue possible--and to Sandy who forwarded the email about him to me.

Cheri's daughters have name him Brody. A new name to go with his brand new start in life.

Brody has already been to his new vet. His incision had become infected and Cheri discovered a abscess on his foot. Probably caused by a fox-tail working its way through the skin between his foot pads. OUCH!

He is also underweight and will need to become accustomed to a regular diet of nutritious dog food.

It's still uncertain just what his relationship with his new pack members will be. Right now, they are gazing at the creature in an e-collar in bewilderment.

But every night, Brody is sleeping soundly in his crate in the bedroom of of one of Cheri's daughters. He seems to know that he has found a home where he will be loved and cared for.

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