Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today, Magic has been with us for twelve days. She has already made a permanent place for herself in our hearts.

As I have hinted and plan to discuss at greater length, adopting a rescued dog is very different from purchasing a puppy from a responsible breeder of pure bred dogs. Many variables are thrown into the mix which affect the dog's behavior and therefore its adjustment to your home.

Magic was rescued in July of 2008. Given her unique background, she found kenneling difficult. And so, for the past six months, she was fostered by a loving lady and her daughter who understand sight hounds. Magic was very attached to her foster parents, but her foster mother believed that being a member of a much smaller pack would be best for Magic, and so she persisted in finding that home for her.

As I type, Magic is sleeping on the love seat across the room from me. In the past twelve days, she has learned a very different way of life from what she had adjusted to in her foster home. A different schedule. Different food. (Because of Bingley's chronic tummy trouble, only prescription dog food can be fed to our dogs. We cannot risk his eating other food from another dog's bowl.) Daily walks. A man in the house. And, most importantly for Magic, I suspect, coming to terms with just one dog, who knows the ropes and, since Portia's death, had our house as his kingdom.

There have been many "firsts". The first time I left a room and Magic did not feel the need to follow me. The first time she settled down to rest someplace other than on the fleece mat in the living room--the last room where she had seen her foster mom. The first time she made the connection between going for a walk and eliminating. And last night, the first time, she walked into our bedroom at bedtime without being tricked or cajoled, curled up on her bed, and went to sleep.

Welcome to our home, Magic.

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