Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Once More, Thank you, Windsong

John and I have just returned from a trip to NYC. Yes, we did experience THE BIG NOR'EASTER of 2010 in Manhattan! But hailing cabs in torrential rains and gale force winds really was not my primary concern. As always, when I travel, my biggest concern is my dogs: Bingley and Magic. The hardest thing I have to do is to leave my dogs behind. And with two large sight hounds, leaving them behind is usually the only option.

However, I faced this trip with greater confidence, because of Bingley's very happy experience at Windsong while we were in England in November. But since then, we added Magic to our family, and Magic has a history of neglect in her pre-rescue life and unhappy kenneling following her rescue.

Once more, I want to give my very deep felt thanks to Mike Dougherty and all the staff at Windsong for the wonderful care Bingley and Magic received.

They were happy, healthy and beautifully groomed when I picked them up this morning. As Mike had predicted, they are more closely bonded and Magic is a more confident dog than when I dropped her off.

As the song goes about NY,NY--"If You Can Make It There, You'll Make
It Anywhere."

When it comes to kennels--and Windsong is much, much more than just a kennel--If You Can Take Care of Rescued Sight Hounds Successfully, You Can Take Care Of Any Dog Successfully.

There are many establishments designed to give the appearance of superior care for dogs. But precious few really have the professional knowledge and profound love of dogs, much less the understanding of the unique needs of different groups and breeds that Windsong provides.

If you live within even remotely feasible driving distance, it's worth the effort. Your dog will thank you.

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