Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will His Luck Hold?

Just before Thanksgiving, the family of Brody the Pekingese was told that he needed eye surgery. They told the veterinarian to euthanize the little dog instead. A vet tech who could not bear to see that happen, organized an informal rescue. Funds were found for Brody's surgery and a home was found for him. His new family was unsure whether they would be a foster or forever home. In spite of the fact that they think Brody is a darling little fellow, they are finding that three dogs is a little overwhelming for their household. So, once again, Brody is in need of a forever home.

I have met Brody. He is adorable: the picture of what a Peke should be. The fact that he is one-eyed just adds to his dashing good looks.

Brody is four years old, and with a Peke's generous life expectancy, would be able to give years of devoted companionship and good humor to a lucky human.

If you want more information about Brody or are interested in giving him his forever home, email me:

portiasmom at live dot com

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