Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Basics

About a month ago, Magic turned up with an ulcer on her left eye. We treated it with anti-biotic ointment and it seemed to improve, but it did not heal completely. So, Saturday morning, we took her back to the vet's. The ulcer had tried to heal, but had migrated, imperiling her vision. The best option was surgery which uses the third eyelid to cover the eye and protect it while healing proceeds. A tech who is a special friend of Magic and Bingley suggested that a transparent e-collar would maximize Magic's remaining vision in her right eye. While Magic was in surgery, I went to the local Petco for the collar.

As I pulled up to the store, I noticed a sign: SNAP ADOPTIONS TODAY

Since dog rescue is my passion and I had never heard of SNAP, I stopped to talk with a volunteer who had brought three Chihuahuas/Chihuahua mixes for adoption.

SNAP stands for Spay Neuter Action Project

I urge you to click on the link and spend some time on their website. For twenty years, they have worked to tackle the homeless pet problem at its source: providing low-cost and sometimes free spaying and neutering for domestic pets that otherwise would reproduce offspring with no hope of finding a loving family. According to their website, the homeless pet problem is so severe in San Diego County, it would require pet owners to adopt Twenty-Four! pets apiece, to provide homes for all needy pets.

As I left the store, a fourth little dog had been added to the adoption group: a very small white Terrier, clearly with some West Highland White in its mix. The product of some "designer" dog breeding who somehow didn't quite meet expectations? I strongly suspect that. I wanted to weep.

Magic is home, sleeping on the sofa opposite me, wearing her transparent e-collar. We have three weeks of meds and collar before the stitches come out--and all paws crossed--she is restored to normal vision.

Meanwhile, the little dogs outside Petco haunt me. I pray that loving homes are in their future. That soft cushions, sofas, and good veterinary care will be theirs.

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