Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Continues

Happy News all around.

Saturday, Magic had the stitches removed from her eyelid and a thorough examination and staining of the eye revealed that the ulcer is healed. This is a BIG relief! Now we are treating the swelling and edema that is the result of the third eyelid covering her eye for three weeks. She seems to be responding well to her new eye ointment and the swelling and cloudiness are fading. The traces of of where the stitches were removed have just about disappeared and I have almost completed withdrawing Magic from pain medication. Time in her e-collar is minimal. We are very, very grateful. Thank you, Dr. Treasure Schultz!

And, more Happy News. Marilyn and Jerry have brought home a new boy Greyhound from Greyhound Adoption Center. His new name has not yet been chosen.

It is particularly heartwarming that this sweet tempered, handsome, dark brindle boy has found a home, because he has been difficult to place. He suffers from fear-based panic in some situations and has a treatable, but incurable eye disease called Pannus. His case is fairly severe. It's estimated that his range of vision is limited to about fifteen feet. His peripheral vision is also limited.

We resumed our Monday morning walks this morning since Magic's eye stitches had been removed. Bingley saw the new addition immediately, laid back his ears, and wanted to challenge him. Magic, understanding that she is The Fairest In The Land, thought that the New Boy needed to pay attention to her and tried twirling and jumping to get his attention.

Happily, the New Boy behaved like a perfect gentleman and all dogs showed some indication that things will settle into a new normal.

No one could replace Portia. But Magic has made a place for herself in our little pack. No one can replace Ruby. But the New Boy will add his unique gifts to our walks.

And I will be smiling for days, just thinking that one more Greyhound has had the best luck a dog could have: finding his way into a loving, caring home, where he can stay for the rest of his life.

Update: More Good News! Last week I learned of a little female Shih Tzu that needed a temporary, perhaps permanent home. I began inquiring about Shih Tzu rescues, and Susan of Holly's Garden, was very helpful. But happily, the same generous couple who gave Brody a home have made room for the little Shih Tzu. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dayonne and Charlie.

Not surprisingly, I learned that Holly's Garden, like most of the rescues I know, has pretty well all of their available places filled. If you are looking for a canine companion, the fact is that you can pick your breed and still rescue a dog.If you are looking for a pure bred dog, rescue one. Petfinder's is a good place to start. Or, click on any of the rescues listed on the right side of this blog.

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