Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maddox R.I.P.

Yesterday afternoon, Friends of Portia received the sad news of the passing of Maddox, a model of what a Greyhound should be--complete with a helicopter tail that expressed his happiness.

Madddox is an example of the great good fortune homeless dogs fall into when they are taken into a responsible rescue. Maddox was rescued from the race track by Greyhound Adoption Center. Once a dog becomes a GAC dog, he never has to be homeless again.

A few months ago, Maddox and his Greyhound buddy lost their first adoptive home when their humans divorced and their home was seized in foreclosure. For all too many dogs, these traumatic events mean a trip to the local pound. But Greyhound Adoption Center dogs don't have to fear the specter of ending their days at a pound. GAC adopters sign a pledge that, should circumstances make it impossible for them to continue to care for their Greyhound, GAC will be notified and the dog will return to GAC's custody.

Fortunately, that is what happened with Maddox and his pal. And even more fortunately, instead of returning to the GAC kennel for care and profiling pending a new adoption, the original Placement Representative who handled their first adoption had room for them both. Talk about Lucky Dogs. There isn't a better home for Greyhounds to be found. With Jim and Lindsay Howell, the only question to be asked is, "What is best for the dog?"

So, when Maddox began to limp from time to time a few weeks ago, he immediately received the medical attention he needed. Eventually, the dreaded diagnosis was made: osteosarcoma.

Maddox crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, knowing that he was loved.

Our condolences go to Jim and Lindsay.

Osteosarcoma--bone cancer--is the plague of long-legged dogs. Boxers, Irish Setters, Flat Coated Retrievers are among the breeds I have heard of being particularly prone to the disease. All sight hounds are at risk.

The gifted Martingale collar designer, Alisha Navarro at Two Hounds Design has made canine osteocarcoma research a special project. Each year she designs collars to raise research funds to find a cure for this deadly disease. Next time you are looking for a stylish collar for your dog--Two Hounds Martingales look smart on any breed--pay a visit to her site and support canine osteosarcoma research.

Friends of Portia like to think of Maddox, now free of pain, running and playing with Jumble and Ruby and Portia and Zephyr and Ariel--and all the Dogs of our Lives that we have loved.

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