Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Want To Rescue A Champion?

When I add a rescue to the list on the right side of the screen, I visit the site from time to time. I fret about dogs who wait and wait and wait for forever homes. I glow when a hard to place dog finds its place.

Today I checked in on Poodle Rescue of Southern California.

The current postings are illustrative of three themes that are dear to my heart:

1.) If you want a high quality, pure bred dog and you are patient, you can rescue one. Right at the top of the Poodle Rescue list are two show stock toy poodles looking for a new home: one is a champion.

2.) If you are not in the first blush of youth, particularly if you have no young children in your home, many dogs who are getting up in years are available for adoption. Many of these dogs are house trained, crate trained, doggy door trained. Who knows? Perhaps they can "roll over" or "shake hands." The point is, all the hard work has been done with these dogs. You get to enjoy a civilized canine companion.

3.) If you want any of the multiple Poodle mixes that the unscrupulous sell at high prices to the naive, many of these are available in rescues. "Maltipoodles", "Schoodles", "Golden Doodles", "Labradoodles"--take your pick.

My personal thanks goes to the diligent rescuers at Poodle Rescue of Southern California. Occasionally, they make room for "Honorary Poodles." Two such are Chiquita and Rambo, a charming Chihuahua pair who really need a home. Spread the word.

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