Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"We're Here For You"

Over the weekend, John celebrated a Big Birthday. One with "0" for the second digit. We won't name the first digit.

Dear friends gave him a sympathy card in recognition of the occasion. The front of the card is graced by three Greyhounds reclining on a Louis Quinze sofa, replete with silk brocade cushions and upholstery. The dogs are gazing sleepily at the camera. The caption: "We're Here For You"

To me--and I suspect any human who shares their home with a Greyhound or two or three or...--the picture and caption are not only supremely funny, but they also express the essence of living with these elegant creatures.

The back of the card informs us that the Greyhounds on the sofa are retired racers and that they are grateful for having been rescued. But in all honesty, gratitude is not the first thing that pops into my mind when I look at the lounging hounds. Complacency is more like it. What I see is, "At last someone recognizes and provides us with the sort of life that suits us best."

The card was purchased at Barnes and Noble. The designers are a gifted couple who are dedicated to rescued animals. Give their website a visit. Hooray For The Underdog.

Meanwhile, many times a day, I stop and chuckle silently over the picture of the hounds on the sofa. I chuckle silently because I don't want to disturb Bingley and Magic. They're resting. Bingley's on the sofa. Magic's on the love seat. Neither the sofa nor the love seat is covered in silk brocade. They're making do.

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