Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cash, R.I.P.

Cash, a ten year old dark brindle Greyhound, crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sunday night. She was the constant companion of Dottie, a courageous lady whose lung disease ties her to an oxygen tank. But that didn't keep Dottie and Cash from taking daily walks around the retirement community where Dottie lives.

When Cash needed to visit her veterinarian, Dr. Candy Lewis, Marilyn, whose pack walks with us most Monday mornings, took Cash. If Dottie became ill or hospitalized, Cash stayed with Marilyn and her pack, and more than once, joined us for our weekly walks in the park.

But for the past month or so, Cash was unable to take walks. A spinal problem made it more and more difficult for her to walk. Last Sunday, it was clear that pain medication was no longer effective and Dottie made the tough, compassionate decision.

The deepest condolences of Friends of Portia go to Dottie, Marilyn and her pack, and all who knew and loved Cash.

In case you are wondering about Cash's name, she was rescued with a group of dogs that were given financially related names. Dottie chose not to rename her.

Typically, Greyhounds are rescued in groups, and the sheer number of ex-racing Greyhounds that need to be rescued can present a naming challenge. It would be unthinkable to just number these remarkable creatures, so typically, a group that is rescued together receives related names. There have been Valentine names, Christmas names, New Year's names, Chinese New Year's names, Rock Star names.

I'm wondering if Cash was rescued close to April 15. If she was, she was probably the best thing to come along for many people that day.

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