Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breed Bans

Recently, there was a horrific incident in San Diego County in which two unattended Pit Bulls broke through a neighbor's fence and viciously attacked a 75 year old woman inflicting catastrophic injuries.

Not surprisingly, there are calls for banning Pit Bulls in San Diego County.

I am old enough to remember a long line of Vicious Breeds.

When I was a very young child, "Police Dogs", that is German Shepherd Dogs, or Alsatians, as they are called in Great Britain, were the Vicious Dog.

Then there were Dobermans.

Then there were Rottweilers. Indeed, my wonderful Champers was attacked by two vicious Rottweilers, who inflicted injuries that ultimately resulted in Champer's having to be put to sleep at an early age.

Now we have Pit Bulls.

What is the common, unmentioned factor in the long line of Vicious Breeds?

It's humans, of course.

Having a dog as a companion is a privilege, not a right, not a "lifestyle statement". It is a huge responsibility.

If Pit Bulls are banned, the banning of other breeds will follow.

Funds and energies of authorities need to be directed toward the human side of the equation.

Currently, the San Diego Union Tribune is conducting a poll about banning Pit Bulls in San Diego County. Please register your support of holding humans responsible for the dogs in their care:

Call 1-800-244-6397, x2506 When asked by the automated message, press 2, to affirm human beings' responsibility not only for Pit Bulls, but for all dogs.

Thank you

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