Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! It's a wonderful holiday, commemorating the founding of the most remarkable country imaginable. I'll always be in awe that of all the periods in history that people have been born, of all the places in the world that they have been born, I was among the fortunate few to have been born in Twentieth Century United States of America. I have been blessed and I will celebrate whole-heartedly today.

But for many of our canine companions, The Fourth of July is the most frightening day--or evening--of the year. We will be returning home before dark this evening to give what comfort we can to Bingley. He's a fearless hunter, but loud noises upset him. We wouldn't think of leaving him alone to panic.

So. Celebrate and have a wonderful time. But think of your dogs. Above all, do not leave a dog alone in a backyard. Tomorrow morning, Animal Control will be gathering up lost dogs who jumped fences, broke chains, ran in terror because they were left to fend for themselves during the fireworks. Don't let one of those poor creatures be one of yours.

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