Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Rescue Day: Happy Official Birthday

The problem with being a rescue is that no one knows for sure just what happened before you were rescued.

Such is the case with Magic, our Greyhound-Scottish Deerhound mix.

When I initially examined her records, I thought that she was rescued on July 15, 2008. However, looking more closely yesterday, I established that she came to Greyhound Adoption Center--along with two of her three puppies and the puppies' father--on July 12, 2008. A third puppy was rescued shortly thereafter.

So, Happy Rescue Day, Magic! And since we will never know her birthday, and two very knowledgeable Sighthound experts estimated her to be four years old when she was rescued, John and I decided to make her Rescue Day her Official Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Magic!

Magic was a frightened creature when she arrived at Greyhound Adoption Center. She was clever enough to open two gates and lead a little band of escapees from the kennel area. It was just very good luck that they were discovered and recovered before leaving the security of the surrounding property.

She did not "kennel well". She barked at everyone who passed her kennel and took an irrational dislike to some of the staff and volunteers, who only wanted to help her.

We will forever be grateful to her foster mother, Lynnet, who helped to socialize Magic before Magic came to live with us.

It isn't every day that a "Fuzzy", that is a Greyhound mixed with a long haired or wire haired Sighthound, becomes available for adoption. So we feel lucky to have been able to welcome one into our home.

Today our Fuzzy Valentine is officially seven years old. We hope that she has at least another seven years to go.

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