Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remembering Portia

Portia died two years ago today. She was Bright and Beautiful. She was Wise--in a canine sense. And she was definitely Wonderful.

The legal settlement for the attack that killed her and injured Bingley and John will soon be final. I pray that as news of the settlement filters through our neighborhood, it will make dog owners think before casually letting their dogs roam off leash.

Over the past two years, this blog, named for Portia, has provided a forum in which I have explored my twin concerns: dog rescue and responsible dog guardianship. I will probably never be able to demonstrate that Friends of Portia has made a "statistically significant difference" in easing the plight of homeless, neglected or unsocialized dogs. But if one dog is saved each year; if one careless owner remembers to use a leash or is nagged into using a leash, Portia's memory will have made an important difference.

Rest In Peace, Beautiful Portia.


  1. Brody says that you made a difference in his life! He's becoming the 'man' of the house now that Lacey is ill. She had a routine of yard patrol twice a day. He would stand on the patio and watch. After a week of her not going on patrol, The Brodster wanted out at an odd time. He proudly walked to edge of patio. He doesn't like to walk in the rocks. At patio's edge, he surveyed the landscape. Walked back to door with head held high as if to tell me that all was well. No one was invading our yard. The Brodster is now on duty!

    Thanks for caring for and about the critters! Portia's memory lives on.

  2. Thank you! I'm brushing a tear from my eye.