Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Are Very, Very Thankful!

This past week has been filled with anxiety for friends of Friends of Portia. One of Portia's very best friends was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday night and has been in Critical Care ever since. Marilyn, who was Portia's friend before John and I ever met her, and Bingley's friend before John and I met him, and, of course, Magic's very dear friend before we knew her, has been fighting for her life.

We are relieved that it looks like Marilyn has won her fight. And that means many, many Greyhounds have won, too. Not to mention all of us humans who love Marilyn.

All paws are crossed for Marilyn's speedy recovery. And we hope that tomorrow is the day that Marilyn is "promoted" out of Critical Care into a regular hospital room.

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