Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Happy Adoption Day, Bingley!

Four years ago today, February 16, 2008, we met Bingley at Greyhound Adoption Center, and brought him home. There was another dog that we considered, but Bingley looked up at me with pleading brown eyes and I actually heard, "Please take me home." That was it.

Bingley was the first dog we rescued who had had absolutely no experience of being in a human's house. Sweet as he was and eager to be our friend, he had no idea of what was expected of him. Need I say that house training proceeded slowly? And it took him some time to figure out that the dog he saw in the mirror on my closet doors was not going to play with him, and when the doors opened, the dog would disappear.

Then there were three months of hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis. We thought we might lose him. But Dr. Candy Lewis of Harmony Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, put us on the right track with the right food. Poor Bingley can't have treats, but he's healthy and happy.

I've had ten dogs in my life and have loved each one of them. But of all those dogs, Bingley is the sweetest tempered.

Happy Adoption Day, Bingley! John and I are very, very happy that you are our dog.

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