Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pekes Rule!

Congratulations to Malachy and all Peke aficionados everywhere. I know it sounds strange for one who shares her home with two large sight hounds, but I have always longed to have a Peke. Some of you might remember my extended search for a home for Brody, The Dashing One Eyed Peke. Well. Brody is safe and happy in his forever home, but there are many, many homeless Pekes, just waiting and longing for what Brody finally found.

The fact is that Pekes are high maintenance dogs. In these difficult financial times, many are being surrendered to rescues and all too many are just dumped in "shelters" because grooming and vet bills are too high for their humans.

If you are charmed by Pekes, please, please, please, adopt. This is a breed that is really suffering now, and I fear that the snob appeal of owning a breed that has just won Westminster will encourage over breeding and purchasing by people who do not have sufficient love of the breed to provide a true forever home for one of these Balls of Fluff With Attitude.

If you want to adopt a Peke, A&A Pekingese Rescue would be an excellent place to start. The link to their website is on the right side of the screen.

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