Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cats! Cats! Cats!

This blog is dedicated to dogs and to dog rescue. Dog rescue can be a heartbreaking endeavor. But whenever I feel really down about all the dogs who need homes and all the thoughtless breeders who turn out puppies that have no hope for a decent life, I think about the challenges of cat rescue. So, with hope that Friends of Portia can lift the load of cat rescuers a tiny bit, please spread the word about some cats in need of homes. First cat is being well cared for, but he really needs a new home. He's a handsome white and black boy who isn't fond of other cats. He might be able to get along with a small dog or two. He is in good health and will be your devoted companion for years. Indoor cat only, please. Second cat is very likely more than one. She's a calico who appears to be pregnant. This is a cat who has suffered serious neglect and deserves a new start in life. Her rescue is being planned and she will be taken to a vet to determine if she is as pregnant as she appears to be. If so, before too long, there will be kittens looking for new homes. If you can open your home to one of these cats or kittens, please email me at


  1. Thank you for the cat post! Too many folks think cats don't need care. True that they can fend for themselves better than most dogs but that's no way to live for our feline friends. Love our dogs but love our kitties, too. So, thank you.

  2. You are more than welcome. Cats are marvelous creatures and it's outrageous that so many of them live lives of misery.