Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July is just about the happiest holiday in the year. No stress of choosing gifts, no Lenten preparation. Just a big party. But if it's the best holiday for American humans, it's the most stressful for our pets. Every year, frightened dogs and cats do not survive the Fourth. They run and run in fear until they are struck by a car. Or they are picked up miles from home by an animal control authority, and if they are not claimed, they are euthanized. (How I hate the word "euthanized"). So think about your pets. If at all possible, make sure that they are not alone when the fireworks start. Right now might be a good time to check with your vet if you think a mild tranquilizer would help your nervous companion. Then enjoy the Fourth, knowing that on the Fifth, you will still have your faithful dog or cat by your side.

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