Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sorry 'Bout That!

It's been almost a month since my last post. I do apologize. My high school law teacher, Theodore Roosevelt Leiber, insisted that most "reasons" we gave him for late assignments and other infractions were not reasons at all, but excuses. I suspect that he would label any reasons I give for not blogging as excuses, so I'll spare you their recitation. But regardless of posts or no posts on this blog, the needs of homeless dogs and cats continue as do the joys that our canine and feline companions bring us. George the white male cat with black markings still needs a forever home. And I suspect Spike, a buff orange male cat does, too. The Lhasa Mix rescue from Mexico has been discovered to be a Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier Mix and has been christened Lulu. She has made great strides in her foster home and is now comfortable with kind humans and members of her foster mother's pack. But it would be best if she could find a forever home where she is either an only dog with a human who is home a great deal or one of two dogs. Like our Magic, she would thrive best in a setting where she can get more human attention than is possible for her to receive as a member of a six dog pack. There is no urgency about this home search and applicants will be carefully screened. If you are interested in being considered as Lulu's human, please email me. Another, very different, but very handsome dog is also in need of a home. Sherlock is a large--73 pound--Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He has been well cared for, but his humans' life situation is changing and they can no longer meet his needs for exercise. I have written about herding breeds--Aussies, Border Collies, and German Shepherd Dogs in particular. These are not dogs for sedentary people. These are dogs who must have training, work, and exercise. If not, they will go stir-crazy and become quite destructive. But herding dog aficionados are as bored with other types of dogs as herding dogs are bored with nothing to do. If you believe that you are up to the challenge of being a herding dog's human, I will be happy to pass your name and information on to his people, who will be very choosey about who gets to take him home. If you are interested in providing any of these worthy pets with a permanent home, please email me at portiasmom at live dot com

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