Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

A Greyhound person tells me that one day when her husband and daughter were walking their Greyhound on leash, a car drove by with a large dog in the back seat. The back window was rolled down. The dog jumped from the car and attacked the Greyhound.

The owner's response? "He's never done that before."

I forgot to ask if the dog's owner paid the $500.00+ vet bill for the Greyhound.

Neighbors a few doors up from me are away on vacation and their (technically) adult son is "looking after the place" in their absence. He has a nice looking, friendly Pit Bull, who is NEVER on leash. Yesterday afternoon, when I walked up the block to get my mail, the Pit was off leash in front of the house. I mentioned that the dog needed to be leashed. I was told, "My dog loves everybody."

Another unleashed Pit Bull emerged from the house, presumably belonging to another young man who was lecturing me on dogs being God's gift to humans.

"And the law says they must be leashed," I said, when he paused for breath.

He rolled his eyes.

That did it.

"An unleashed dog attacked and killed my dog just this past summer," I told my 'dog loving' lecturer. "The vet bill was about $10,000.00"

I swear he turned pale. He popped his (unleashed) Pit Bull into his truck and drove away. It was a pretty chilly day, so the windows were probably rolled up. One can hope.

Yes. I did report the loose dogs to the Authorities. My neighbors will get a letter. I will get a letter telling me that a letter has been sent to my neighbors. This year, I plan to keep these letters. Perhaps I'll frame them. Perhaps there will be enough of them to paper the walls of my study.

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  1. After 35 plus years dealing with the pet owning public, I try not to be surprised by the stupidity of some owners! Either they are stupid or arrogant or both. All the laws in the world won't get their attention but a good dose of personal economics will.