Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Veterinary Hospital

Saturday, John and I took Magic and Bingley to the vet's. Magic needed to be chipped, but we had postponed it until she was settled into her life here. Then I noticed a spot on the front of Bingley's leg that he had been "working on" for months, was actually a growth. And just in the last week, a small fast growing bump appeared on the top of Magic's head. Recession or not, dogs have a way of needing medical care. So a visit that might have cost less than $100.00, ran into hundreds of dollars.

We are now awaiting pathology reports. All paws crossed.

We are also on suture patrol. Bingley's sutures are on the front of his left front leg, between ankle and elbow. Perfect placement for Bingley to make mischief. When he had been with us for a few weeks, he managed to turn a slight abrasion on his inner leg into a serious hemorrhage, necessitating a rushed trip to the vet's. There was so little skin around the affected area that neither sutures nor cauterization could be used. So he returned home with a pressure bandage which was removed after 48 hours. THEN began the long process of keeping Bingley from creating another hemorrhage while the long slow process of open wound healing progressed. We explored a number of protective collars in the process, finally returning to the old fashioned plastic e-collar. Is it any wonder why I face the two weeks of watching Bingley's sutures with dread?

Magic's sutures are on the top of her head. So far, she has shown no indication that she is aware of them.

I eagerly await January 23!

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