Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've lost track of how many days of rain we've had. Up to yesterday, I had phenomenal luck. I was able to walk the dogs in the early morning during respites from the storm and get them out on the deck during breaks in the rain and wind.

Yesterday went fine until about 5pm. Bingley HAD to go out, or at least I thought. I put on John's London Fog, pulled on an old hat on which Portia's bites were very much in evidence, and sallied forth with Bingley.

Double WOW!! We didn't go beyond our next door neighbor's house, but in that short time and space, Bingley was soaked to the skin and my coat, including the lining, and hat were sopping wet. Water filled my shoes. Needless to say, no "business" was performed.

Somehow, Bingley "held it" until there was a brief pause in the storm. What a good boy!

This morning as I dressed to go out shortly after 5am, I could hear rain pounding on our roof. Then, presto! As I hooked up harnesses and leashes, there was a lull, and we sallied forth. Rain began as we climbed the hill and got heavier as we came down the other side. But we finished a reasonably complete walk before the deluge returned.

I've managed one brief walk and one deck break since. Now, both dogs are sleeping here in my study. But I'm looking at the radar and wondering when the next rain break and potty break will coincide.

Will luck hold? Will we avoid a housebreaking lapse?

Ah, the joys of dog ownership!


  1. My Missy (lab/Chow mix) will NOT go out into the rain, even if she's been inside all day while I'm working. You would think a Labrador Retriever would love the water....

  2. Just after we brought seven week old Champers, our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier home, it began to rain and rain and rain. One of the first pictures we have of him is standing with me--on leash, of course--under an umbrella looking as if to say, "I'll stand here forever, if that's what it takes. I'm not budging; I'm not 'doing' anything."

    Until his dying day, I had to PULL him out of the house if it rained. And he was an Irish breed, designed with great protection against wet weather.