Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Gottcha Day, Bingley!

Three years ago today, the Chief Rescuer of Greyhound Adoption Center opened the doors of a dog hauler and found five dogs. Two were dead. Three had survived. One of those dogs was Bingley.

He had begun his racing career winning a race in Florida before his second birthday. Eventually, he was shipped to Arizona. After Bingley had lost a few races, he was sold to a gambling man who thought he could make money running his own string of dogs. Five racing Greyhounds are not cheap to keep. Food costs money. Dogs need a lot of water to stay hydrated in a hot hauler being driven across the Arizona and California deserts.

The dogs were rescued just in time. Nine days later, fires swept through San Diego County. Greyhound Adoption Center's kennel had to be evacuated and rescues were put on hold.

Thank you, Chief Rescuer! Thank you all of the staff and volunteers of Greyhound Adoption Center. We wouldn't have wanted to miss having Bingley in our lives.

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