Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What We Do For Love

The song says It Never Rains In Southern California, which, of course is true some years and very untrue other years. I would have sworn that it never rains in October in Southern California, but this year is an exception. AND, we "never" have thunder storms in Southern California, but this year has been an exception. Last night we had a sustained thunder and lightening storm. Nothing by Kansas City or D.C. standards, but impressive for us.

And terrifying for poor Bingley. At 2am, he woke us up, whimpering and shaking. There is something profoundly sad about trying to comfort a powerful 80 pound dog who is pacing, panting and trembling with fear.

Bingley isn't a snuggler. He sometimes sits in front of me and asks to be petted. But even when he hops up on the sofa next to me, he maintains a little distance. Last night, he did let me rub his ears and head during the worst of the storm. But, mostly, he just wanted me to be close by. He finally agreed to settle down in his bed if I would sit on the floor next to him.

Magic has her own issues, but she shares none of Bingley's fears of thunder and lightening. She did stir herself to nose in for a little attention, but got bored and went back to sleep.

The storm finally passed about 3:15 this morning, when I was able to crawl back into bed until the alarm rang at 5:00.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I'm keeping a close watch on the radar map.

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