Monday, October 4, 2010

Pleasant News Break

The worlds of rescue and leash laws are sometimes satisfying, but too often they are frustrating and unhappy.

But loving owners and caring "dog people" are bright spots.

Not long ago, the owner of the fabulous knit shop, Yarning for You, the one and only Diva Debra, suffered a family loss that required an extended trip Back East. She was fretting about what to do with the family's beloved Lab, Molly, who is getting on in years and is not accustomed to change--much less being without family members.

Debra had heard me rave about Windsong and decided to board Molly there. As anyone who loves and cares for a closely attached dog, Debra was worried about how Molly would adjust in new surroundings.

Well. It turns out that Molly had a wonderful time romping and playing with some new found friends at Windsong under the supervision of Mike, Michelle and Jessica.

The physical surroundings of Windsong make it possible for them to provide the quality of care that they do for their boarders, but the most important factor is that they really know and understand dogs' behavior and needs. Mike's family were "dog people"--breeding and showing Whippets and running a boarding kennel. So when Mike takes your dog(s) into his care, you can relax, knowing that a true "dog person" is looking after your beloved companion.

Mike judges Hounds and Terriers in A.K.C shows. If you get a chance, you can catch him in this role at the Oklahoma City Kennel Club Dog Show, San Diego Channel 6, XETV, Sunday, October 10 at 2p.m. Just wait about 10 minutes until the Hounds take the ring.

He'll also be judging the Terriers at the National Dog Show/Philadelphia Kennel Club, which will air on November 25 on NBC TV at 12pm

I wonder if Bingley and Magic will recognize Mike on TV?

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