Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chickens And Ducks And Rabbits, Oh No!

Every year, adorable baby critters are sold into misery so that self indulgent adults can catch a few pictures of their young children cuddling a breathing ball of down or fuzz.

Few families are prepared to make the life accommodations required to provide a humane home for an adult chicken, duck or rabbit. And no. Confinement in a cage for 23 of 24 hours a day is NOT humane treatment of a rabbit.

Years ago we were so plagued by snails that I seriously contemplated acquiring a duck to help with snail control. But a kind friend educated me about the challenging details of cleaning up after a duck. Eventually we moved to a neighborhood in San Marcos where some thoughtful person had imported common snails' only successful predator: decollate snails. And I didn't have to clean up after them.

Not long after all the Easter candy has been eaten, the few rescues that have facilities for chickens and ducks and rabbits will be inundated with new residents. Those will be the lucky ones. The majority will be abandoned to a hostile environment to live out a brief life of misery.

If you must give a child a soft, cuddly animal for Easter, make it a stuffed toy.


  1. An absolutely true testimony - our Sunny was found exactly 2 weeks after Easter, huddled in the driveway under a car. He looked dark gray but after cleaning himself, became an exact replica of the white "Cadbury" bunny. We live on a private dirt road with only 4 homes and a canyon. Someone literally tossed a baby bunny to the coyotes after they were done "celebrating" Easter! He is a wonderful but high maintenance pet with the run of one room. He gets along well with our chow mix and tolerates cats. Bunnies must have hay, lettuce, and lots of interaction, including brushing. In turn you get the love of a creature who is a blend of the softest cuddler and Bugs Bunny mischief!