Saturday, April 30, 2011


Patrick, the rescued Pit Bull continues to improve. But rescue is never an easy undertaking. Associated Humane Societies continues to post progress reports.

Please remember. If you wish to contribute to animals in need, be sure that you know for a certainty that the organization to which you contribute is directly involved in the rescue and or care of individual animals. Organizations whose primary activity is "advocacy" all too often drain important resources from rescues that desperately need funds for desperate animals.

There is no national umbrella organization for humane societies. Investigate the actual work that an organization does before contributing. It is scandalous that organizations that have had no part in the expensive effort to rescue and rehabilitate Patrick are trying to capitalize on his misery and are deflecting donations from the true rescuers, Associated Humane Societies.

Closer to home--I hope. Early this morning as Bingley, Magic and I were completing our walk, we heard a coyote killing party in the hills just north of our neighborhood. Perhaps this signals their return. Before long, it will be warm enough for snakes. Some predator is going to find all the rabbits now hopping all over our subdivision--and multiplying under our deck. I prefer coyotes, hawks and owls to snakes.

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