Sunday, April 10, 2011

Details, Details, Details

Some corrections and updates on the story of Patrick the Pit Bull.

At the time of Patrick's rescue, he was not taken immediately to Garden State Veterinary Specialists, but to Associated Humane Services, the emergency agency for abused and neglected animals in Newark, New Jersey. There he was stabilized before being transported to to Garden State Veterinary Specialists for long term care. And it is the Associated Humane Services who are paying and fundraising for Patrick's treatment. If Patrick's story has gripped you as it has me, I urge you to visit their website where both pictures and narrative tell Patrick's story.

Friends of Portia will be giving updates from Associated Humane Services website as Patrick's recovery continues. All paws are still crossed for him because he has a foreign object in his digestive track that cannot be removed immediately due to his fragile condition. We are well aware of long term problems following near starvation because our own darling Bingley was rescued in early stages of starvation and dehydration. Although Bingley's condition was far from the extreme suffered by Patrick, Bingley continues to have a very sensitive stomach, is on prescription dog food, and frequently requires a dose of Pepto Bismol to aid his digestion. We hope and pray that Patrick will gain sufficient weight and strength so that the foreign object issue can be resolved.

Incidentally, Associated Humane Services is a a local humane agency not affiliated with Humane Society of the United States. Many people donate to HSUS thinking that it is the umbrella organization for all local humane societies. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you wish to help distressed animals in a specific locality, give to a local agency or rescue. They are the people who day after day deal directly with the objects of human neglect and cruelty. They deserve your support.

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