Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bingley!

I know it's Labor Day. A National Holiday. The Official End of Summer.

But in our household, today has much greater significance than that. Today is Bingley's Birthday. Bingley's EIGHTH Birthday!

Bingley is now our oldest surviving rescue dog. He is the first of our rescues to have attained this advanced age.

He celebrated this auspicious day quite inauspiciously--at least for me.

At 4:35 a.m., Bingley awakened us this morning, whimpering and refusing to go back to bed. A quick turn in the back yard did no good. Then we realized that there was some thunder and lighting off in the distance. It's sad to see a courageous, happy-go-lucky dog turn into a shaken, frightened creature and be unable to reassure him.

There was nothing to do but get up and take Bingley and Magic for their early morning walk a little earlier than usual. Outside, facing the elements head on, Bingley calmed down and went about his business. Magic, on the other hand, who was perfectly calm in the house, took exception to the thunder.

But it was a lovely morning. The thunder and lightening stopped and a cool breeze freshened the air.

It did start to rain just as we returned home.

The weather report says that we could have two days like this.

I wish we could convince Bingley that it's all in celebration of his Big Day.

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