Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today--Actually This Very Minute--Is All You Have II

It's one thing to think philosophically in the abstract. It's quite another to look at a philosophical proposition right in the face--or directly at the backside--as it happens.

Yesterday, Magic had a growth removed. It was right under her tail, just above her anus. General anesthesia is a little tricky for her because she stresses in strange places, which makes it problematic for her to spend her initial recovery at the vet's, where she can be monitored professionally.

So, as soon as she can stagger drunkenly to her feet, we bring her home and watch her as closely as possible, keeping her warm and talking to her and patting her when her breathing becomes shallow or irregular.

She's now beyond that stage and even took a shortened walk this morning. She has also discovered that she can maneuver to attend to the source of her discomfort which means she will spend many hours in a e-collar. Her stitches don't come out until October 18!

But the real concern is the pathology report. We hope to hear within the week. Last time we waited for path reports on both Magic and Bingley, it was two weeks, but finally, we got an all clear.

The concern this time is that Magic was intact for at least four years and that puts her at risk for this type of cancer. I don't know what the odds are, but I do know that for Magic it will either be 1 or 0. We're hoping for 0.

Meanwhile, Magic is concerned about staying out of the e-collar and enjoying the extra canned food yummies that mask her anti-biotic and pain pills.

Dogs know how to live.

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