Monday, September 19, 2011

Today--Actually This Very Minute--Is All You Have

I just read a death notice. A much loved Greyhound, Simone--Simi "Crossed The Rainbow Bridge" yesterday. Her family is in mourning. I extend my sincere condolences to them. Simi lived with her "forever family" for six short years.

Simi was adopted on September 17, 2005. That date caught my attention.

Simi wasn't the only Greyhound adopted from Greyhound Adoption Center that day.

September 17, 2005 was the day John and I met and adopted the great, unforgettable Zephyr.

Zephyr died January 2, 2008.

Not even two and a half years after her adoption day.

I have no quarrel with people who buy pure bred puppies from responsible breeders. The only way that the wonderful multiplicity of dog breeds can be preserved is through the efforts of breeders who devote their lives and energies to dog breeds that capture their fancy.

But making the change from buying pure bred puppies from responsible breeders to adopting homeless dogs from rescues has affected my attitude toward life in ways I would never have anticipated.

Probably if I had been given a choice on September 17, 2005 to adopt a dog who would live two years, 4 months, or a dog who would live six years,I would have adopted the dog who would live six years.

I would have missed Zephyr.

The pain of losing her was awful. But she was worth it.

We have had Bingley for three and a half years. We have had Magic for not quite two years. If someone could promise me today that both of them would live with us for six years, I would be ecstatically happy. Today.

But as that sixth anniversary approached, I would be frantic with despair.

Yesterday, Magic wouldn't eat. She seemed listless. By evening, I could almost touch my fear.

Today she ate her breakfast promptly. Bingley ate his breakfast within reasonable time. Today is a very good day.

Perhaps Bingley and Magic will both set new longevity records for our rescued dogs. Perhaps they won't. But every day they bring their unique gifts to our lives. And that is more than enough.

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