Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Needy Dog

A wonderful Rottweiler-Shepherd mix is in desperate need of a home. Another victim of the economy. His human had to downsize into an apartment that doesn't permit dogs. Our Rottie mix is well socialized, house trained, gets along well with other dogs and small animals, walks well on a leash and behaves himself in off-leash dog parks. Frankly, friends, I'm close to tears as I type, because so many of these sad stories come to my attention. And as I read of a new round of lay-offs, I know that things will only get worse for our domestic pets, and rescues will face grim fundraising times. All I can say is: If you are thinking of adding a new canine companion to your life, do not purchase a puppy from any sort of breeder. Show puppies will always find homes and pet stores support puppy mills that are dog concentration camps. Backyard and kitchen breeders need to be ignored until they stop their destructive practices. If you know of a home for this very deserving dog, please contact me at: portiasmom at live dot com.

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