Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Magic, Happy At Last

John and I were out of town for Thanksgiving week, so I was unable to post on the exact anniversary of Magic's arrival in our home: November 20, 2009.
Every rescue requires time and patience after adoption. Each has their own sad past and defensive behaviors they use to cope. Magic was a Girl With A Reputation at the rescue kennel. Volunteers and staff still talk about how she unlocked two gates and led a little band of escapees across the Greyhound Adoption Center property, until--thank heavens--they were spotted and returned to quarters. Magic was subsequently placed in a foster home that had super secure premises. And we have her insightful foster mother to thank for understanding that Magic was just "making do" as the seventh of seven dogs in her pack. Her foster mother understood that Magic craved much more individual attention than it was possible for her to receive as a member of a large pack. But finding a home for a sight hound mix with a reputation is not an easy thing to do For that little miracle, we have our good friend Marilyn to thank. Marilyn literally walked with me through the traumatic loss of Portia, knew and loved Bingley, and sensed the time when John and I would be able to adopt another companion for Bingley. After John and I visited the GAC kennel and didn't feel any connection to any of the girl dogs available for adoption, Marilyn called and said "Why not Magic?" Of course I knew who Magic was. After all, She was a Girl With A Reputation. But for some reason, I had always been attracted to "fuzzies"--Greyhound mixes with long or rough coated sight hound breeds. Magic, a Greyhound-Scottish Deerhound mix, was a "fuzzie". Her initial days with us were not auspicious. She was visibly mourning the loss of her foster mother and her foster mother's daughter--the first human bonds she had ever formed. She didn't trust men, and she didn't want to be near John--would move if he settled near her. Over the three years she has lived with us, we have seen ongoing blossoming. She loves John and seeks him out for attention. She has come to terms with Bingley's play and actually enjoys it. She is a good little walker on leash. AND, she occasionally, actually plays with a stuffed toy! Today when we picked up Bingley and Magic from the wonderful Windsong Resort for Pets, Mike Dougherty, who knows more about dogs--and especially sight hounds--than any other human, remarked on Magic's transformation. John and I glowed with pride in his compliment for our Grande Duchess. Yes. Adopting a rescued dog takes time--sometimes a very long time--and patience, patience, patience. And the realities of contemporary life seem to militate against the dog-human connection that is necessary for that process. But this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that John and I are in agreement about adopting rescued dogs and that we are able to adapt our way of life to their needs. The rewards are indescribable. So Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Miss Magic. We wouldn't have wanted to miss the pleasure of your company.

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