Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy News

I visit some rescue sites quite often, partly to see what's out there--more bully dog mixes and chihuahua mixes than ever. But name a breed and you'll find it or a mix with the breed in it. One of my favorite rescues is Pet Orphans of Southern California. It's a beautifully run rescue for both dogs and cats, located in Van Nuys, California. It was the alma mater of our first rescued dog, the unforgettable Daphne. Ajay, a small, eleven year old spaniel mix has been on their adoptable list for months, waiting for a home. What a cute dog! Alas, he had the bad luck to lose his home at an advanced age. Eleven year old dogs are very hard to place. But, when I checked the Pet Orphan's site today, I discovered that Ajay has a new home. Congratulations Ajay! and Thank You Pet Orphans for all you do for homeless dogs and cats.

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