Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dog Attack

In many ways this is a typical account of a dog attack.

A few days after Portia died, I was in my local knit shop for a little nerve and yarn knitting. They were having a sale. A customer came in and bought a bunch of yarn. As she was checking out, she announced that she really shouldn't be spending any money on yarn. She had a $600.00 veterinary bill to pay because her dog had attacked and injured another dog. She was a nice, responsible person and was clear about her financial obligation in the matter.

This is what had happened. It was a very hot day, and as she was preparing dinner, she opened both the front and back doors to her house to get a breeze going. Her dog was lying quietly on the floor, apparently sleeping.

Then, someone passed in front of her house, walking a dog on leash. In a flash, her dog changed from sleepy, relaxed pooch to vicious attacker. "It took less than 30 seconds."

Funny. I knew she would say that. Every time I have witnessed a dog attack, that is exactly what I have said. "It took less than 30 seconds."

Portia's fate was sealed in less than 30 seconds.

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