Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Point of View, Biases, etc.

I'm guessing that this will sound a little extreme to some readers, but it is my belief that any dog off leash outside its house, a fenced yard, a designated off leash park or otherwise confined, is a potential menace to other dogs, humans, and, particularly itself.

I also believe that retractable leashes are inherently inadequate for keeping a dog and its walker safe.

On the other hand, I have no grievance against any particular breed of dog. Nor do I have any grievance against any size of dog. People, by their ignorance, laziness, negligence and pride create the situations leading to the pain, expense, and death caused by dog attacks.

Anyone who has a long history of dog ownership has done stupid things in relationship to a dog. Letting small children walk a dog. I've done that. Eating a meal with a food aggressive dog and another dog sitting near the table. I've done that. Failing to adequately check for escape holes in the perimeter of a new yard. I've done that. But I've also learned from those mistakes.

I hope that reading this blog will make people think and modify their behavior, sparing themselves and their canine friends misery.

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